500A Battery Monitor


Assessment and optimization of your consumptions.

nke is offering a new battery monitor capable of answering the needs of more and more powerful on board alternators. It features a remote 500 A shunt.


  • Sensor + remote 500 A shunt.
  • Dimensions: 110 x 56.4 x 26 mm (L X W X D)
  • Ref. 90-60-517

The sensor comes with:

  • 4 cables : 1 bus cable for connection with Topline bus, 1 Bus cable for connection with the shunt, 1 brown wire for connection to the battery # 1 and one red wire for connection to the battery # 2.
  • 3 control Led’s: 1 led on/off, 1 led 100% charge, 1 led critical status (voltage<10 volts)

fonctionnalite_picto_03 FUNCTIONS

This sensor can manage a bank of batteries and it allows:

  • Accurate voltage measurement at the battery terminals for both starter and service batteries.
  • Instant measurement of charge and discharge current up to 500 A.

With the precise information it delivers, you can manage charging, control the energy consumption and view the remaining capacity in A/h or percentage, therefore optimising consumption and charging times. Total capacity is displayed real time and automatically updated.

With a Multigraphic, values can be displayed in analogue format and they can be logged and displayed  as a 24 H graph. It displays charge and discharge cycles.

Alarms are set up and managed from any nke multifunction display.

This sensor can be used instead of the 100 and 200 A models.

Data displayed via the Topline bus

  • Service battery:
    • Voltage
    • Instant amperage for charge and discharge
    • Remaining capacity in A/h
    • Remaining capacity in %


  • Starter battery:
    • Voltage

manuel_picto_gris_03 USER GUIDE

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Find all the manuals in the User guides section

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