AIS Transponder



Low consumption, light weight and compact

The nke AIS class B transponder complies with ISAF rules for offshore races Lavel 1 and 2.

It features an internal GPS antenna, an NMEA 0183 output (for plotters) and a USB output for PC. All AIS data can be displayed on your PC, your plotter or your autopilot display.


  • Dimensions: 140 x 100 x 42 mm (L x w x H)
  • Weight: 250 gr
  • Consumption: 170 mA to 12CCV
  • GPS receiver (internal): complies with CEI 61108-1. 50 channels
  • Interfaces: USB output, NMEA 0183 output, NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 input
  • VHF transmitter: x 1 ; x 2
  • Protection: IP7
  • Led indicators: Power, TX inactive time, error, mode, silence, status.
  • Ref.: 90-60-515
  • The VHF is not supplied. The decision to use 1 or 2 antennas for AIS and VHF is up to each user, and often related to boat class rules, when racing.

fonctionnalite_picto_03 FUNCTIONS

This transponder sends and receives AIS messages. The MMSI is programmed with a PC (software is supplied).

  • With the GyropilotGraphic : by adding the nke AIS processor to this transponder, you can set up CPA and TCPA alarms. The processor will calculate collision routes and display hazardous targets with their ID (MMSI / Name), bearing, distance, CPA and TCPA.
  • With the Multigraphic : the Multigraphic can process the data itself. CPA and TCPA alarms can be defined from the Multigraphic. A dedicated AIS page displays all the targets in the surrounding.

manuel_picto_gris_03 USER GUIDE

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Find all the manuals in the User guides section


  • GPS external antenna (# 90-60-518)

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