Ultrasonic speed sensor



This product is the result of the new ultrasonic technology and helps benefit from reliable speed data to finally end the problem of vaned rotor blockage.


  • This unit is compatible with all nke installations and most others: paddle-wheel output at 4.5 Hz/Nds and NMEA 0183 output: VHW
  • Dimensions compatible with 1.8” housings (31 mm internal diameter) and 2” housings (40 mm internal diameter).
  • Waterproof protection: IP67
  • Weight: 160 gr
  • Hull housing dimensions: 31 mm or 40 mm internal diameter (with adapter) and 50 mm external diameter (ref. 90-60-221)

fonctionnalite_picto_03 FUNCTIONS

  • Easy: The ultrasonic technology allows antifoul paint to be applied to the sensor leaving it clean all season and maintenance free.
  • Accurate: Perfect for racing: This sensor delivers accurate linear measurements. Boat speed is a fundamental function used for all performance processing.
  • No drag: Being installed flush, this sensor does not affect boat speed
  • Performances:
    • Boat speed: 0.3 to 50 kts
    • Accuracy: 1% < 20 Kts
    • Resolution: 1/100 Kt
    • Cable: 10 m cable (shielded)
    • Operating temperature: -10 to +50°C
    • Consumption: 35mA (typical)
    • Power supply: 12 Volts DC

manuel_picto_gris_03 USER GUIDE

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